HDR Headquarters

"Dear Cliff: ...Your professionalism, deameanor and on-site experience has made a tremendous difference in all the projects in which we have worked together -- from the HDR green building and Nebraska Children's Home to the Durham Western Heritage Museum. Your team-building approach to problem resolution has certainly conquered many seemingly insurmountable challenges along the way... It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with you..." John K. Wilson, President of Durham Resources

The Paxton Professional Center & Luxury Condominiums

"Dear Cliff: With the completion of The Paxton Professional Center upon us, I want to thank you for your work in assisting us as Project Manager. You were instrumental in the re-bid process of The Paxton Professional Center. Your experience with the parties involved was very beneficial in getting qualified contractors to step up and provide us good bids. Without your experience and relationships this would have been a much more difficult process." Michael T. Moylan, Shamrock Development, Inc.

Streck Laboratories "... Streck, Inc. retained Cliff Levitan, President of C L Enterprises, to assist with the project management of our new research and development building. He acted as the "owners representative" in discussions with the architect and builder. We found Mr. Levitan to be extremely knowledgeable of construction and billing practices. His expertise extended to the areas of coordinationof communications, bidding practices, and the review of budgets, costs, shop drawings and schedules. He also evaluated payment requests from the general contractor prior to payment... I would recommend Mr. Levitan's services to any business requiring project management assistance for new construction or remodeling..." Connie Ryan, President of Streck, Inc.

MidAmerica Center, Council Bluffs "Cliff: Now that we have completed the construction of Council Bluff's new Mid America Arena and Convention Center, I wanted to let you know how much the Chamber, the City of Council Bluffs and the Council Bluffs Community Betterment Foundation appreciated your guidance and support as our Project Manager. Your experience and knowledge of the construction industry blended with your well-grounded approach to problem solving was invaluable when conflict arose. As we moved rapidly through the process on an accelerated schedule, I know you devoted countless hours towards completion of this $75 million project. As Iowa's first Vision Iowa Project and one of the community's largest projects, this project was watched closely by the general public and public officials on the state and local level. Your guidance made the project a success . . . "
Bob Mundt, President/CEO of the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce

Lauritzen Botanical Gardens "It is my pleasure to provide my highest recommendation to Mr. Cliff Levitan and the services he provided as our Owner's Representative. The Omaha Botanical Gardens was fortunate to acquire the services of Cliff early in the design process and thus take full advantage of his complete scope of services. I can categorically say that throughout the process Cliff was looking out for the Owner's best interest and the betterment of the project . . . Cliff's extensive knowledge in many different subjects from vague design issues to precise contractural agreements allows him to provide valuable input in all phases of construction. His many years of experience in the Omaha market provide him with valuable contacts throughout the community which have proven to be quite beneficial to our project." Spencer Crews, Executive Director of The Omaha Botanical Gardens

Lied Lodge, Nebraska City "Dear Cliff: I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we have appreciated working with you throughout the construction and follow up of Lied Conference Center in Nebraska City. I am certain that your presence and involvement with this project resulted in a net savings to the Foundation. We truly appreciate the way you were able to maintain a positive relationship with the contractor and at the same time assure that the specifications had been met. Our change orders of less than one half of one percent bespeaks your assistance both in our planning and review phase as well as your skills in negotiating change orders. Cliff, we were told by a former client of yours before we hired you that you were honest, professional, sensitive to the demands of all parties and far more than paid for your time through what was saved in the project. Since he was a minister, I assumed he was telling the truth. After working with you, I know he was." Susan McIntosh Kriz, Executive Vice President of The National Arbor Day Foundation

Beth Israel Synagogue "Dear Cliff: . . . thank you for the incredible job you did for Beth Israel as our Owner's Representative during the building process. As the executive director for a non-profit religious organization I have expertise in the areas of fund raising and donor relations that were vital to building the building but felt a bit at a loss when the details of architecture and construction began being discussed. Your construction expertise gave me and my governing board every assurance that the best building possible was being built with our donor's funds. . . I was most impressed with your ability (and patience!) in making sure I had a full understanding of the building process and of the individual decisions that needed to be made at our construction team meetings. I so enjoyed working with you and appreciate the fact that you are still there for us during this warranty period and beyond should we need any help." Beth Cohen, Executive Director of the Beth Israel Synagogue

"Cliff Levitan served as Owner's Representative for the design and installation of a new HVAC unit in our primary shelter. While this might sound straight forward and simple, it was not. As is true in most non-profit work, there were political issues, as well as the typical issues of resources. This project became a land mine of opinions from a wide variety of sources. Everyone had the best intentions and all wanted the same result -- the best possible system for the least amount of money . . . we decided to bring in one of the leading professionals in this field to help make the final decision. Cliff was key during all of the discussions and decisions. He was particularly invaluable to me, as the President of the agency, in helping me wade through the options and politics. Cliff was always working for the good of the agency and the project. He knew when to push and when to hold back. He was an invaluable resource. The final result is that we have exactly what we need, while spending much less money than originally anticipated."
Judy Varner, President and CEO, The Nebraska Humane Society

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